About Us

Who we are

FUMANA International was founded in May 2002 by Moira Henkel, a South African foreign national.  

FUMANA'S combined business experience totals some 80 years across the field of project management, marketing, sales, administration, financials, investment banking, logistics and company development.

This first hand knowledge of South African business is strengthened by a realistic, streetwise understanding of South Africa.  

Thus providing U.S. Wine Distributors and Business to Business the opportunity to offer World Class vibrant South African wines to their consumers.

We work exclusively with boutique and artisanal family wine estates.  

Our Wines

We are excited and honored  to be the appointed brand Ambassadors through-out the United States on behalf of the Helder Crest Brand.  Learn more.....

Our goal

  • To extend, assist and support the efforts of individuals, communities and business.
  • To  foster growth, development, opportunity, enterprise and economic balance among South Africans by offering a much-needed conduit for their talents and endeavors.
  • To be a window in our world that invites all to enter and sample a unique South African offering.

True to our name,  FUMANA which means "to SOURCE"